Friday, 26 December 2014

New Book!

Happy Christmas to all my readers, it's a special day today, so I'm posting an outline of my brand new paranormal romance "Sacred Desires" which will be coming out sometime in January, Enjoy!

Sacred Desires (Samuel #1)

I finally found a man that loves me.
That’s why I poisoned my last two husbands, so I could be free.
Minutes pass by, I’m so close, so near to having my happy ever after.
But then Dimitrious shows up, the death, the devil, the angel from hell. He is here for me, telling me that it’s time to pay for my sins.
He has found me and he is taking me back to hell.
Then, when I’m just about to die I make him a deal ... and ... he hesitates. It looks like I’m the first one offering to give myself away to him.
In exchange for my life I have to work for Dimitrious, seduce fallen angels that are walking on earth, so he can get them back to hell.
It’s either that or hell, so I agree.

In theory it shouldn’t be difficult, but I’m selfish. I care little for anybody. This emotional world that I agreed to enter is raw, but for the first time in my life, it feels real.

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  1. Scared desire book1 was BRILL BUT CANT FI D BOOK 2 ANYWHERE! WHSTS GOING ON.