Friday, 20 December 2013

I have tons of good news for everyone finally!!!!!!!!

First of all I would like to apologize for delays with Past the Witching Hour release day.  I was planning to get it out there in the beginning of November but then my computer crashed and I had to start my edits all over again. My editor had trouble with her laptop (which apparently blew up), so she lost quite a bit of work and had to start the editing all over again as well. At some point I thought that the second instalment would never come out!

Despite all the drama the book have been sent to the formatters so the official release date is on the 24th of December, Christmas Eve (yeah).
Moreover I had to pulled the first book of amazon (it still available through other retailers) as it will be going through some additional edits, as people kept saying that there were issues with it. The re-release date is schedule for January.
I’m working on a short novella, it’s going to be from Nathaniel’s point of view. It will include most events from the first book and some extra scenes (hot ones). I will keep you guys posted about release date. 

Lastly the third book in Paranormal Personnel saga won’t be released until summer 2014 as I have got other books I will be working on in the meantime.  However, I will be releasing a new series which consist of eight parts all together, each 20,000 words long. It’s titled ‘All about you’ written from India’s point of view and ‘All about me’ written from Oliver’s point of view. It’s a new adult contemporary romance, the details of which can be found on goodreads under this link. 
The first part should be due sometime in January. I don’t want to set up the release date yet, until the book is out to the formatters.
That’s all for now. 

Here is another excerpt from Past the Witching Hour.

‘The fire was just a terrible accident, Mr. Liroy. Paranormal Personnel has never let me down.’ 
The familiar voice folded over my shoulder. My body locked when I felt his palm on my back. His voice woke my magic and every ounce of lust that I had been dismissing for so long. Air ceased in my lungs as desire sunk into my stomach. I wished I could just melt away. Every cell in my body grasped his presence and magic spurt over my fingertips. An electric flux of energy caused every small hair on the back of my neck to stand up. 
Breathe, just breathe, and pretend he isn’t standing behind you.
‘La Caz, I’m surprised seeing you here. We were supposed to have a meeting together the other day, but your secretary said you were in Geneva?’ frowned the troll standing next to me. I didn’t dare turn around but I could smell him, lemons and lime zest. It was his signature scent, which normally drove me cuckoo and, right now, I was barely controlling myself, shaking with pain and desire. I would never have attended this meeting if I knew that this bastard was going to be here. Lucinda mentioned he was out of the country. I was supposed to have fun on my own. 
Faith was on his side, surely not on mine, and I hated the bitch. 
‘Some unexpected events brought me back to London,’ marvelled the half vampire behind me. He was standing a few inches away, turning my body into mushy peas. His smell, his voice, and him just being so close depraved my skin of heat. ‘Gentlemen, will you allow me to take Ms. Taylor away? I promise to return her to you as soon as possible.’ 
I’m not finished here –’
‘Make sure you do, La Caz, I certainly need to talk to that beautiful elf about my own company. I desperately need to a few temporary staff.’ 
‘Yeah, La Caz, I know your tricks; you only want to keep her for yourself,’ fumed the Merlin look-alike wizard. 
I need to get out of here. Breathing with the same air as La Caz is bad enough.
His palm was still on my back and my magic was going crazy, swirling inside me like a tornado. We moved away from the group of businessmen and stopped by the bar, where he could watch what was going on around the room. He shifted his weight and leaned toward me, his sweet breath near my face. Warmth crawled through my skin and down between my legs. I was ready to tell him to leave me alone before he started to speak.
‘Julia, look at me - we need to talk.’   
We were in a highly professional environment, so I didn’t want to make a scene. My heart was pounding and I was just about to faint when he placed his palm on my arm. His touch was like a bonfire in the night on my skin. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t pull away; the drastic tremor passed down my spine. We were both aware that people were looking at us, but he didn’t seem to care. His whole attention was focused entirely on me. His hand moved my chin up and I couldn’t avoid looking straight in his eyes. 
Fuck! He still looks incredibly sexy, as if this breakup didn’t affect him. 
His hair was longer and smoothed nicely to the sides; his hazel eyes hardened. I couldn’t move or breathe, but the excess magic that has been cumulating inside me for weeks was going through rapture. Nathaniel La Caz knew what he was doing to me, standing so close, but he wasn’t planning to move, I could see it in his gaze. The brief memory of him in his office between my legs coiled through my mind. The flush crept around my cheeks. 
‘Julia, you can’t even imagine how happy I am, seeing you here,’ he said, his voice a whisper. 
One, two, three, four ... breathe. Tell him to fuck off!
‘Really?’ I asked with a small voice. ‘You can’t even imagine how much you pissed me off by being here. Thank you for ruining my business pitch, I just lost a good business contact.’ 
Something flashed in his eyes but I wasn’t sure what it was, desire? Resentment? When he smiled he was back to his normal self and my world was crushing down.
‘Don’t worry about those tight tycoons, they won’t go away,’ he said. ‘I missed you, my firecracker. I want to straighten things up between us’ 
He moved even closer and his voice was just a husky whisper. The soft wind circled between us and my skin tingled with small cracks of static. 
‘Don’t call me that! I’m not your fucking anything,’ I hissed irritated. My palm was itching to slap him but I couldn’t ruin my reputation in a place like this. People were staring - I could feel their eyes on us. Nathaniel was a famous personality around paranormals, everyone here knew who he was, and everyone knew that we were together a couple weeks ago. 
‘You’re angry and that’s understandable,’ he said simply. ‘That’s why we need to talk in private.’  
The glass near us was vibrating dangerously close to the edge of the bar. I was stirring the energy that surrounded us and my head was throbbing. I darted my eyes away from him and glanced around. A group of stunning looking witches were watching us closely; they were all aware of cursive magic. The air around us was so thick I was surprised that nothing had exploded. Others were also glancing with curiosity, wondering what was going on between us. 
‘Please, firecracker,’ he pledged, forcing my gaze back to him.  
No, no, no, tell him no. You know what’s going to happen if he corners you away from people. 
‘I don’t want to talk to you, Nathaniel. I came because I knew that you weren’t going to be here. Just leave me alone and let me work. Rufus sent me here to gain new clients, not wasting time talking to an overly prestigious, cocky bastard like you!’ I spat. 
‘C’mon Julia, that’s a low blow, even for you,’ he scowled, moving slightly away and sucking all the air out of my lungs. ‘I’ll introduce you to a few useful people after five minutes with me. I think it’s a fair deal.’  
I’d built up a wall while we’d been apart but it didn’t last; it was jack-hammered by the explosive emotions caused by just his touch. I couldn’t concentrate being around him. 
‘Fine, let’s go,’ I snapped. 
‘This way,’ he muttered, directing me toward the room next to the staff entrance. Women were smiling, smoothing their hair when Nathaniel passed through. They were drawn to him; the way he moved and handled himself was appealing and sexy. 
If we hadn’t left I was quite sure that the glass on the table would’ve exploded. Nathaniel opened the door and let me through to what looked like a long dark corridor. My mind was screaming that this was a very bad idea but I was already inside.

‘Now, we’re away from nosy people so we can talk like adults,’ he said. His hazel eyes brewed with fire and this was a bad sight; so bad that I was prepared to run. 

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