Friday, 2 August 2013


I was very excited writing £6.19 per Witching hour, but in the past few weeks I realised that I should have edited this book a bit more, rather than rushing with the publication. After careful consideration I have decided to review the first book in the series. I have to agree with the feedback, the dialog needs to flow better and I really need to work on my sentence structure. In the past week I have been working on a few scenes, revising, editing and swapping a few chapters. Once I finish I will upload the book and send the copy to anyone who has already paid for the previous one. I have already started working on the sequel. I have around 20,000 words but I feel that the first book has to be stronger, as first impressions counts! My next books is nearly finished (Beautiful Pain), although I don’t have the release date yet. Keep an eye on the blog. I still hope to publish it in August. Thank you!

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